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Chandler Artificial Grass has been installing artificial turf in the Phoenix metro area for many years. We have a reputation for quality and stand by our workmanship.

We are members of the Synthetic Turf Council, and use only the highest quality American Made artificial grass.

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The Benefits of Artificial Grass in Arizona

A small putting green with three red flag markers is in a backyard setting featuring pet-friendly turf. Lounge chairs sit under red umbrellas, and palm trees are visible in the background. A fence encloses the area, and a table with chairs is seen in the corner.

Environmentally Friendly

Synthetic turf is an environmentally friendly alternative to natural grass. Once installed, it doesn't use water, fertilizer, pesticides, or chemicals.

The water savings from switching to an artificial lawn in Arizona can be huge - many customers report an 80% decrease in their water bill.


Kid and Pet Friendly

Our synthetic turf products are 100% safe for kids and pets. They are extremely durable, and can take the daily wear and tear of kids and dogs running wild!

Dogs going potty is no problem! With excellent drainage and easy hose-off clean-up, keeping your turf looking its best is easy.


Reduces Heat Build Up

With inbuilt technology to reduce heat, your artificial grass won't absorb or hold heat from the hot Arizona sun.

The cooling properties of our artificial turf allow you to enjoy your lawn or putting green, year-round.


Low Maintenance

Save on landscaping costs. With artificial turf in your yard, you will never have to worry about mowing lawns again.

After the initial installation, turf requires very little upkeep. Your fake grass will not fade in the Arizona sun.

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Artificial Turf Chandler AZ

We are Chandler's premier   artificial turf installer. With years of experience, we specialize in artificial grass installation for both commercial and residential purposes.

A Unique Company to Work With

Whether you want synthetic grass for your lawn, dog run, or putting green, we can help! We are dedicated to providing an exceptional customer experience, every step of the way.

We strive to build strong relationships with our customers. We hope you enjoy working with the experts!

Chandler Artificial Grass does not charge for consultations or evaluations. Call today to speak with one of our representatives, and book your free quote! (480) 780-3970

A backyard swimming pool with a stone waterfall feature, surrounded by a concrete pool deck that merges into well-manicured putting greens. The area is bordered by a stone wall with landscaping plants along its edge.

Artificial Grass Landscaping

Synthetic grass has a wide variety of uses in your home landscape. With its durability and low maintenance, it has quickly become one of the most popular materials in a backyard makeover.

Turf Around Pools

Artificial turf around your pool provides an easy way to maintain a beautiful backyard. It is resistant to stains, fading, and most chemical spills. Our turf can be applied around your pool or spa for easy maintenance of your pool deck area.

  • Artificial turf has excellent drainage. No more mud or puddles after even the biggest cannonballs!
  • It doesn't soak up heat like concrete or pavers, keeping your pool area cool and comfortable.
  • It is non-slip. The non-slip properties of synthetic turf make it a safe choice for pool areas.

We have a wide range of turf styles and options to suit pool surrounds. If hired, we will make sure to provide you with the ideal turf to suit your application. Preparation is key, and we go the extra mile to ensure proper drainage and a durable base that will last for years to come.

Call us today for your free pool turf quote.  (480) 780-3970

Backyard Turf Chandler AZ

A synthetic lawn has many advantages over its natural grass counterpart, especially in our desert environment.

Artificial turf has come a long way since AstroTurf was first used in 1966, at the Astrodome in Houston, Texas.

Since then, new materials and advances in manufacturing allow the production of a more natural-looking and durable product. When you take into account the cost associated with maintaining natural turf, synthetic turf is also much more cost-effective.

However, having a natural-looking and durable turf installation shouldn't be taken for granted. Without an experienced synthetic turf installer, results can be disappointing. Even the best quality turf in the heaviest face weight can look unnatural if installed by a novice, or an artificial turf installer who doesn't take the time to prepare the base properly.

Chandler Artificial Grass offers a full range of landscaping services, including artificial turf installation and design consultation. We have been providing professional synthetic grass installations in Chandler AZ since 2010, with exceptional results.

Converting from sod grass to turf grass is easy! We do free estimates on every service we provide.

Call today for yours!  (480) 780-3970

shot from above an Arizona backyard with turf and pavers. Landscaped by Chandler Artificial Grass

Homeowners' Association Approval

If you need approval from your HOA board, for your turf landscaping or artificial lawns, we would be more than happy to help. We have helped homeowners get approval from HOA boards across the Phoenix metro area. We can provide photos, samples, and testimonials to help ease their minds, and meet their standards. Just say the word and we'll be out to help!

large paving stones paired with synthetic turf in Chandler AZ

Turf and Pavers

We also install pavers! We are licensed landscapers, as well as ornamental and turf license holders, we can install pavers to complete any backyard project.

Pavers go exceptionally well with artificial turf, and can help break up the block of green lawn. We offer a wide range of paver styles and colors, and can offer landscaping packages to suit your requirements.

Paving stones are often paired with turf - and look great! Our team would be more than happy to bring samples to your home, where we can see what works in your natural landscape.

Call our team for your free consultation!  (480) 780-3970


We have installed artificial grass on walls as part of landscaping projects across Arizona, and have had great client feedback! We have a range of decorative grasses that are perfect as a feature wall. Add a low-maintenance color pop to your outdoor space!

Grass wall installation at a restaurant in chandler az
A backyard featuring a putting green with two holes, lush artificial grass, and a patio area with lounge chairs shaded by red umbrellas. There are tall palm trees and other greenery, and a waterfall feature near the back fence under a clear blue sky. This pet-friendly turf is perfect for family fun.

Backyard Putting Green Turf

Install a synthetic putting green in your backyard and make your pals green with envy!

What better way to improve your golf game than from the comfort of your own backyard? Our "sand-filled" backyard putting greens are the highest quality - replicating a real green, without the maintenance and upkeep cost.

Our golf green experts spend the time with each customer to ensure they fully understand your needs. Our pros understand the importance of speed on your green. We can tailor your backyard golf green to exactly your standards - replicating the speed and feel of your favorite putting greens.

We can also install fringe areas around your green so you can practice your chipping and pitching. Whatever your backyard golf green requirements are, we are sure to have a solution for you.

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Artificial Grass Patios

We are experts in the installation of artificial grass patios. Whether you need a small patio or an entire backyard, we can help.

When mixed with hardscaping such as pavers or tile, artificial turf patios and seating areas can be a huge asset to your home.

With a synthetic turf patio, you can enjoy the beauty of your outdoor space year round. Installing artificial grass in your outdoor area will not only increase the value of your property, but also ensure you have a fun place for your friends and family to gather.

We will work with you from start to finish to perfect your outdoor area. We are qualified landscapers, and can accommodate all types of hardscaping to compliment your turf!

Call us today for a free consultation with our outdoor design experts.  (480) 780-3970

Artificial turf patio installed at a home in Gilbert Arizona
A backyard playground featuring a green slide, a wooden play structure, a large trampoline with a safety net, a swing, and a small rock climbing wall. The ground is covered with pet-friendly turf, and there is a beige house and white fence in the background.

Playground Turf

Chandler Artificial Grass is proud to offer the best playground turf installation service in Chandler AZ. We are licensed to install artificial turf on all types of playgrounds.

Our team has extensive experience installing synthetic grass on play areas for schools, parks & recreation departments, daycare centers, private homes, and any other facility that needs a safe play area for children.

Our antimicrobial synthetic turf and safety rubber infill make our artificial grass an ideal solution for playgrounds.

Easy to clean: just hose any mess off!

Safe for kids and pets: The inbuilt antimicrobial technology ensures the cleanliness and safety of your yard - Even with messy kids and pets.

A soft landing place: We have a range of weights, infill, and backing options that provide a safe place to land. Have peace of mind when your kids are swinging at height.

We install artificial grass on playgrounds big and small. From large school playgrounds to small residential play areas, we have a solution for you.

Call today for your free estimate.    (480) 780-3970

Pet Turf

Pets love artificial turf! Your pet is safe to run or relax in an area that is free of the pollutants used in natural turf, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides. These chemicals aren't good for any pet and can be harmful.

The synthetic grass industry has vastly improved the compatibility of turf for pets in the last 10 years, coming up with new formulas to improve safety and cleanliness.

Artificial turf is very durable, which means dogs can't dig holes as they can in sod. There is no dirt or mud for them to track inside, so it keeps your pets cleaner too!

Our pet turf products are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, to keep your best friend safe. Our products come with superior drainage features that allow pets to go potty without ruining your lawn.

We have years of experience installing artificial grass for pets, and can help make sure your best friend is safe and happy!

Give us a call to set up your free consultation and estimate.  (480) 780-3970

dog on artificial grass lawn chewing a dog toy. Photo taken in the city of Chandler, Arizona
A modern indoor space featuring a stepped wooden seating area adorned with potted plants on the steps. A mix of white tile flooring and pet-friendly turf fills the foreground. Sunlight streams through windows, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Commercial Turf Installation

Installing artificial grass on rooftop terraces is an excellent solution. You can provide a natural, green lawn look without the maintenance and water-holding properties of real grass.

Restaurant patios and outdoor areas can be brought to life with artificial turf. Easy to clean, and highly durable in heavy foot traffic areas, turf is the perfect solution for your restaurant or bar.

If you have a commercial property in Maricopa County that you're considering synthetic grass for, give us a call! We do free estimates. Call us on: (480) 780-3970

Artificial Grass For Sport Fields

Sports field turf installation requires a different product and procedure to a residential turf installation. Sports fields require a different type of material, with shorter turf fibers, and different infill material. The heavy foot traffic that sports fields see, mean it must be an extra durable product.

Our field turf is top quality and designed to withstand years of heavy use.

Don't trust just any turf installer to handle your sports field. Special preparation and planning are required to give a long-lasting result.

We have installed:

  • Pickleball Courts
  • Tennis Courts
  • Batting Cages
  • Bocce Ball Fields
  • Football Fields
  • Hockey Fields
  • Gyms
  • and more!

If you want an experienced artificial grass sports field installer on your team, call the pros first. 

football field turf in Chandler Arizona. Soccer ball resting on synthetic grass
Modern driveway featuring large concrete slabs separated by narrow strips of artificial grass. The driveway leads up to a two-car garage attached to a contemporary white house. The surrounding lawn is well-maintained, and there are some trees and shrubs nearby.

Paver and Artificial Grass Driveways

A popular option for a modern home, installing pavers with artificial turf in between provides a contemporary look for your driveway.

Durable and attractive, the combination of turf and pavers adds value and beauty to your home, at an affordable cost.

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Artificial Grass Installer Near Me

If you're looking for a quality artificial turf installer who knows their turf, look no further than Chandler Artificial Grass. We have the knowledge and expertise to make your landscaping dream a reality. Our workmanship is 100% guaranteed, and we stand by every product we install. Our synthetic grass team service all of Maricopa County.

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