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At Chandler Artificial Grass, we have a wide range of sports turf systems available, to suit your every need. From football, to soccer, to bocce, we can do it all.

Our turf specialists have been trained and qualified to perform sports field astroturf installation, ensuring that you get the best quality sports turf, at an affordable price.

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Artificial Grass for Athletic Fields

Artificial turf for playing field surfaces has quite a few advantages. It allows you, the field owner, to spend less time mowing the lawn and more time enjoying and using the playing surface.

Artificial grass uses a lot less water than natural grass, and it's designed to help drain water. You never have to worry about an uneven surface or spotty grass growth with grass turfs.

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A close-up of a bright pink ball resting on a well-trimmed artificial turf surface. The ball appears slightly textured and is placed centrally in the image, evoking memories of vibrant playing fields.

Bocce Ball Court Installation

We offer the highest-quality, longest-lasting, and strongest artificial grass for bocce ball courts.  Artificial turf is ideal for bocce ball courts in many ways, including:


There is no need to maintain the court regularly because the grass does not need to be mowed and trimmed. Cleaning off leaves and dust using a blower is the key maintenance job.

Environmentally Friendly

With synthetic turf, fertilizers and chemicals are not released into the atmosphere. It helps keep mowers and trimmers from emitting fumes and noise.

Installed on Any Surface

Bocce does not require any special conditions such as sunlight, weather conditions, or fertile soil. Simply set the artificial grass on the desired location, and get ready to play and have a good time.

Excellent Drainage

There's no need to be concerned about the court's condition because the base built underneath the synthetic turf provides excellent drainage, the area will be in good shape even if it rains.

For the most reliable bocce ball court installation in Chandler, AZ, call (480) 780-3970 today and get a free quote.

Pickleball Court Installer

Pickleball is a fun and competitive game for people of all ages to participate. It's usually played on hard surfaces like concrete or wood, but it's rapidly becoming a popular synthetic turf option.

Our artificial sports turf is non-toxic, allergen-free, and drains faster than a natural grass field. There are no stains from gravel, mud, or grass. You can enjoy your gorgeous turf pickleball court year-round, rain or shine, while saving time and money on maintenance.

All materials required to create a permeable surface that will drain vertically and perform to expectations for long-term usage and enjoyment will be included in our artificial turf installation process.

Contact our pickleball court contractor today to get your free quote. Call (480) 780-3970.

Soccer Field Artificial Turf

Chandler Artificial Grass aspires to provide astroturf for soccer as safe and playable as the best natural grass grounds.

Artificial turf systems, like natural grass fields, can be anything from unplayable to spectacular. To be classed as the highest tier of synthetic surfaces, a field must overcome several obstacles. For this and other reasons, we have created a soccer-specific turf.

We've brought together the best minds in synthetic turf, and the result is the reinvented astroturf collection. Our artificial turf fields provide a wide range of options to suit a wide range of budgets.

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A soccer ball with a white base and a red, yellow, and black design rests on the green artificial turf of one of our premium playing fields near a white boundary line.
Playing in the astroturf for football is a professional footballer in possession of the ball.

Football Field Astro Turf

The most popular sport in the world, football, is currently played on modern astroturf for football fields.

Our sports professionals make sure that the high-strength synthetic fiber-mesh design keeps the green grass in place, giving football players enough grip and control to move the field in whatever direction they choose with any amount of force.

Our synthetic turf football fields are made out of synthetic fibers that not only look and feel like natural grass fields but also provide many unquestionable advantages, including

  • Balanced shock absorption
  • Longevity and low-maintenance
  • Safety
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pet- and child-friendly
  • High-endurance
  • Cost-effective
  • Excellent playing environment

Trust our professional installation team to install the most suitable artificial turf for your football field.  Call (480) 780-3970 to request a free quote.

AstroTurf Baseball Fields

We specialize in the installation of synthetic turf baseball fields, and we are dedicated to offering unrivaled levels of quality and consistency. The construction of our artificial turf baseball fields is designed to withstand the challenges of regular usage, extreme weather conditions, and other results of heavy use.

We figured out how to give the players the best possible sliding distance and natural speed. We use unique carpet fibers, varying pile heights, rubber infill, and shock pads to create the most technically sophisticated baseball turf field installation available.

Our hand-picked staff is ready to help you plan, design, create, and everything else that comes with your project, no matter how complicated it is.

Reach us at (480) 780-3970 for a free quote.

A pair of colorful work gloves lies on a well-manicured Artificial Turf lawn. The gloves are slightly separated from each other, with one positioned closer to the foreground and the other further back. Bright sunlight casts shadows on the grass, perfect for playing fields or residential areas.

Sports Turf Installation Near Me

Our team at Chandler Artificial Grass is backed by years of experience monitoring plenty of artificial turf installs! We are professionals in offering the best artificial turf systems for various sports fields, from bocce ball court to tennis court installation. We ensure that the installation of your sports field's artificial turf goes smoothly and precisely.

Get in touch with us, and we'll turn your natural grass field into the synthetic turf playing surface of your dreams. Call (480) 780-3970.

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