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Our artificial turf is suitable for children, dogs, and the climate in which we live.

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Artificial Turf Lawns Chandler AZ

Backyard Artificial Grass

There's nothing better than lush, green, natural grass, but with Chandler's extreme summer heat and water limitations, it's no secret that it may be difficult to keep up with. A synthetic lawn will keep your grass looking fantastic all year, and because it is so low-maintenance, you'll have more time to concentrate on the things that matter to you.

Installing artificial grass in your backyard:

  • saves water
  • reduces the amount of time it takes to keep your house in good shape; and
  • helps you not worry about puddles or mud in your yard and pests devouring your lawn.

We offer a wide range of synthetic turf products to choose from, ranging from little backyards to large settings.

Our high-quality artificial lawn systems are the best long-term landscaping investment homeowners can make. Develop an environmentally friendly synthetic lawn in your backyard with a well-known leader in the synthetic grass industry.

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A picture-perfect artificial turf installed in a residential property in Arizona to help reduce water consumption.

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A backyard by Landscape Pros features a neatly manicured artificial grass lawn with two cornhole boards set up. There's a tiled patio with a chair and a dog in the lower left corner. The East Valley yard is bordered by a stone wall and metal fence, with decorative plants and rocks completing the serene setting.

Artificial Grass Patio

An artificial grass patio will be a great place to set up your garden furniture and relax while eating supper or reading a book on the decking.

Fake grass is a cost-effective alternative for gardens or patios. It can help you save money on fertilizers and grass feed. Plus, it has proper drainage, so it only requires periodic brushing instead of mowing and weeding.

Artificial grass is also ideal for situations where natural grass would be difficult to maintain. Weeds can thrive on concrete slabs, which can be an eyesore. As an alternative to stark wood or concrete, many delighted homeowners have installed our synthetic grass on their patios.

In what can often be a frenetic city center or the concrete jungle, artificial grass on patios gives an oasis of luxury. Invite your pals over for a drink or two and take advantage of the gorgeous flooring for a unique experience.

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Turf and Pavers

If you're seeking a beautiful and practical solution to upgrade your landscape, pavers could be the answer! Chandler Artificial Grass has a wide selection of pavers in a range of colors and styles to choose from. If you don't know which paver suits your project, our installers can help you decide.

Installing pavers can add a lot of value to your hardscape, and their advantages go far beyond their attractive appearance. For pool decks, patios, walkways, and driveways, professionally installed pavers provide an excellent non-slip surface area.

You can enhance the elegance of your paver project's design with artificial grass installation. It can be difficult to install artificial grass between these types of hardscapes, which is why we are here to perform the job for you.

We understand that your outdoor space is a heavy foot traffic area, so we ensure that our synthetic turf is a low-maintenance, environmentally friendly substitute to real grass that looks and feels just like it. It's also built to last for a long time by avoiding fading and discoloration and the growth of bacteria and water.

For paver and fake grass installation, choose Chandler Artificial Grass.

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Pavers and fake grass installation project in Chandler, AZ, with the artificial turf between the pavers.
A small, oval-shaped swimming pool with clear blue water is surrounded by lush artificial grass lawns. The pool has metal handrails and is adjacent to a white-painted building adorned with plants in pots and outdoor tiling, all meticulously maintained by licensed and insured landscape pros from the East Valley Area.

Artificial Grass Pool Surrounds

Do you want to prevent the issues that come with pool decking made of cracked concrete? Are you looking for a low-cost surface that is both beautiful and easy to maintain that is more natural? Consider artificial grass.

A pool's artificial grass surround is a ring or section of artificial turf that is designed to enhance the pool's aesthetic appeal as well as its practicality. To keep it looking attractive for longer, the turf used is high-density and chemical-resistant.

High-density turf is used to build artificial grass pool surrounds. This signifies that there are more turf fibers per square foot and that the grass fibers are more durable. Under bare feet, high-density turf feels amazing and withstands the heavy traffic along your pool's edge.

Pool surrounds made of artificial turf can be cut to whatever size and form you like. All you need to do is contact our artificial grass installers, and we will give your pool a fresh look while also providing a relaxing area.

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Synthetic Grass Installation Near Me

Your home should be a haven for you, and that begins with your yard. We can deliver the artificial grass solution that will make your fantasy a reality, whether it's designing the putting greens of your dreams or a front yard that will be the talk of the town.

We'll install a beautiful lawn or putting green that you'll enjoy for years to come. Our team will assist you in selecting a design that helps you save money and highlights the best aspects of your property, as well as synthetic grass products and infill material that will meet the demands of your family.

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