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Chandler Artificial Grass specializes in designing spectacular putting green setups for your backyard in Arizona.

As well as high-quality workmanship, our staff takes great pride in the materials we utilize.

Artificial grass putting greens require no water and little maintenance, all while allowing green speed and feel tailored to your requirements.

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Why Install an Artificial Grass Putting Green?

Having artificial turf in your Arizona backyard has a ton of advantages.

It is great for the hot and dry Arizona Climate.

Arizona is hot and dry in the summer, with some dramatic changes in temperature throughout the year. It's difficult to keep a grass green with too much sunlight, as many homeowners are aware.

The solution is artificial turf.

It can withstand sun, shade, drought, flood, heat, and cold, as well as being walked on, stomped on, and having large objects placed on it, among other things.

It can help save you money.

You may have to pay for a gardener, lawn maintenance equipment, watering, petrol, and more with a conventional sod lawn.  None of the costs are even a concern with putting greens (golf greens, as golf enthusiasts would call them)! A good putting green will not only endure a long time and give your property a sense of luxury, but it will also save you money.

It's practical.

Usually, golfing requires you to dress up, drive to the golf course, find parking, and then spend money before you can play the golf course. All of this effort may be avoided with a golf course in your backyard!

You can practice whenever you want because you have golf greens in your backyard. You will become a machine by repeating drills at your leisure.

Now is the time to get your backyard putting green and reap the benefits, from being convenient to putting more money in your pocket to providing a fun activity for the whole family.

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Backyard putting green in Chandler Arizona with person putting golf ball

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A sunny backyard in Chandler, AZ features a quality putting green in the foreground, a pool with a rock waterfall, lounge chairs with red umbrellas, and tall palm trees in the background. Blue skies and scattered clouds complete the relaxing scene. For installation, contact local artificial putting green installers.

Putting Green Turf Installation

As a passionate golfer, you may be looking for ways to improve your short game by increasing your time on the putting green. Installing a custom-designed synthetic turf green in your backyard is one alternative that allows you to improve your technique and avoid paying green fees anytime you have time. If you have any questions, feel free to get in contact with our Chandler synthetic turf experts.

How much does a backyard putting green cost?

The following five factors have an impact on the putting green cost:

  • different types of putting greens
  • putting green size
  • preparing the site
  • adding enhancements (adding water hazards or fringe or fairway turf around the outside of the golf green)
  • design and build materials

If you're interested in creating the backyard putting green of your dreams, contact your trusted putting green installer in AZ! You can have peace of mind knowing that your putting green was built correctly the first time around.

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Artificial Turf Chipping Green

We represent the evolution of synthetic turf systems. It gives your backyard the appearance and feel of a championship-level course.

A realistic feel

Our backyard chipping green, unlike other artificial surfaces, will truly hold a shot, just like a natural bent grass green. The ball will check up when chipping onto the green. You can even make a ball stop or back up with a backspin.

Consistent, customizable surface speeds

Our backyard putting greens are designed to operate similarly to bentgrass greens, with the golf ball rolling at a consistent rate throughout the green. Your home course, a championship-caliber green, or your individual preference may all be customized with the green speeds you choose.


Our putting greens don't need to be maintained regularly, so you can focus on improving your short game. Brushing, applying the new top dressing, and rolling the green 2-3 times per year are all recommended for best performance.

Professional installation

You benefit from our years of experience designing and installing tour greens when you work with us. Each putting green is constructed by trained installers and is tailored to your short game and aesthetic requirements.

So, are you ready to experience the benefits of backyard chipping green? Contact us to get your free putting green installation quote!

Freshly installed artificial turf golf green in Chandler AZ. Close up shot of golf ball.
A backyard in Chandler, AZ features a quality putting green installed by expert Artificial Putting Green Installers, a grill, and a seating area under a covered patio adjacent to a two-story house at dusk. The yard is bordered by a stone walkway and fence, with a swimming pool on the left side.

Are Backyard Putting Greens Worth It?

Playing golf can be frustrating. You have to practice for hours and retain a very level head to even half-master it. Is it possible that artificial putting greens are the answer?

Seasoned golfers can't get enough of working on their putting and chipping and will happily spend hours doing so. However, unless you have a membership or have booked a tee-time, you may not be able to spend as much time training as you would like.

If you're debating whether or not to invest in your short game at home, here are several reasons why you should:

  • You can tap your full potential.
  • You can save time and money.
  • You can increase the value of your home.
  • You have a place for family gatherings.

So Is it Worth It to Install an Artificial Putting Green?

Installing an artificial grass putting green in your backyard is one of the best investments you can make in your home, and you won't regret it. For golfers and non-golfers alike, playing on their own backyard green is a fantastic experience.

With no watering and little maintenance, a synthetic turf golf green is definitely worth the cost.

We do free estimates on backyard putting greens. Give us a call today for yours.

Home Putting Green Installation Near Me

Our highly skilled golf green staff leads our expert putting green design and installation team. To offer you a true golf course feel, we design your custom putting green to your specifications, with the curvature and speed you desire. The high-quality synthetic materials we use require minimum maintenance, putt true, and give you the finest shot of any synthetic turf off the green.

Request a free estimate today, and we will provide you with the highest quality backyard putting green has Arizona to offer. Call  (480) 780-3970

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