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Chandler Artificial Grass provides pet-friendly turf solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Our artificial pet turf is safe for both large and small pets, so you won't have to worry about your lawn getting harmed.

With our synthetic pet turf, you can create an ideal pet paradise that is as worry-free for you as it is for your dogs.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass for Dogs

Tough and Durable for Active Pets

Dogs enjoy digging, but this may make natural grass uneven and muddy. With fake grass, they can play to their hearts' delight, causing no damage to your lawn or muddy paws in the home!

Completely Safe for Dogs

Pet owners worry about their dogs consuming something they shouldn't! By installing synthetic grass, you won't need to use pesticides or fertilizers to keep your lawn looking healthy and safe.

Excellent Drainage

The flow-through backing of our revolutionary synthetic grass drainage technology allows liquids to drain freely. There's no more dog pee killing real grass.

Easy Clean-Up

When your furry friend goes to the toilet, there's no need to worry about stains or discoloration because it is permeable. The area can be easily rinsed with soapy water.

Antimicrobial Infill

Bacterial growth and odors are prevented by the dog-friendly turf infill system. When you install one in your yard, your dogs are unlikely to make it smelly or unsightly.

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An empty outdoor bocce ball court with well-maintained artificial grass and beige walkways on either side. Metal chairs and tables are positioned under a shaded area in the background, and a fence lines the side of the court, creating an inviting space perfect for Pet Turf Installation in Chandler AZ.

Can Dogs Pee and Poop on Artificial Grass?

There's no need to be concerned about your dog peeing or pooping on our fake grass because it's a pet-friendly turf. You can rest easy knowing that your dog will not harm your yard, whether it has done a number 1 or number 2.

Unlike a real lawn, dog pee will drain through your artificial lawn to the ground below, and waste will be cleaned up easier and more successfully on artificial grass.

You just have to use a scoop and rinse the area with a hose, and you're good to go!

Install one today to learn all the benefits of fake grass for pets!

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Does Pet Turf Clean-Up Easy?

For homeowners, fake grass might be beneficial. It's not only easy to care for but is also less costly to maintain artificial grass over time. It's a quick and simple approach to get the perfect lawn without having to put in nearly as much effort as authentic grass.

However, artificial grass does not come without its own set of drawbacks. Consider the case of dogs. Dogs may wreak havoc on synthetic grass, leaving it looking like it's been battered by the elements.

Fortunately, synthetic turf is engineered to be easy to clean. You may spray down the synthetic turf and let it dry for pet urine and spills. Allow for drying time before picking up pet waste and cleaning the turf from muddy paws.

Install pet-friendly artificial grass in your yard today.

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The top and bottom parts of a dog potty grass as shown by an installer.
An empty outdoor bocce ball court with well-maintained artificial grass and beige walkways on either side. Metal chairs and tables are positioned under a shaded area in the background, and a fence lines the side of the court, creating an inviting space perfect for Pet Turf Installation in Chandler AZ.

Do Dogs Like Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass turns out to be a pleasure for dogs. The reason for this is that artificial grass looks and feels like natural grass, so your dog won't notice the difference. Fake grass is in great shape for your dog to enjoy all year long. Artificial turf can create a comfortable habitat for a pet.

Overgrown, natural grass can also be a huge challenge for smaller dogs with short legs. Artificial grass, particularly dog potty grass, keeps its quality, shape, and size regardless of season or care, so your tiny dog or puppy may play safely.

Another benefit of artificial grass is that if your dog has a favorite spot, it can return to it. If it's compacted regularly, though, it may require more frequent brushing.

So, what's keeping you from getting your dog clean artificial grass? Install the ideal turf product for your furry friends today!

Get a free quote by calling (480) 780-3970, or if you have any questions, feel free to speak to one of our experienced artificial turf installers in Chandler, AZ.

Pet Grass Installation Near Me

Despite how much we adore our pets, it's no secret that they can cause havoc in our natural grass landscapes.  When they're not digging or leaving stains, they're trailing mud into our recently cleaned floors. You won't have to sacrifice your lawn for your dog with artificial grass installation.

Urine drains right through our high-quality artificial grass, and the artificial turf has no odor. Dog feces will no longer stain or discolor. Dogs can no longer dig through it. Muddy patches and yellow grass are no longer a problem.

Save time by focusing less on cleaning and more on the activities you and your furry friends enjoy! Contact our trusted artificial grass specialists in Arizona for your free installation quote. Call (480) 780-3970.

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